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Voice teacher, Aliah Elliott, stands in front of pine trees in an olive green dress, smiling.

aliah elliott

meet the coach

Aliah is a fun, energetic, certifiable singing nerd and the proud owner of Music Mindfully. Thankfully, she gets to spend her time connecting with other music lovers as a vocal coach and mindset mentor for creatives... otherwise she may drive her husband entirely nuts. Aliah fell head-over-heels for singing as a child in a youth theatre company and nothing has stopped her since! She has won numerous awards and competitions for both her artistry and academia, and is now helping her students do the same.

When she's not teaching or coaching, Aliah is soaking up every moment with her son, camping, working out, or eating snacks. #snacksarelife

Want the credentials?

- Masters of Music in Voice Performance

   University of Western Ontario, 2017

- Bachelor of Music in Voice Performance               Brandon University, 2015

- Neuro-Vocal Method Certification

   Meredith Colby, 2023

- Full Voice Teacher Training

   Full Voice Music, 2020

- Certified Life Coach

   Evercoach by Mindvalley, 2021

- Thinking Into Results 

   Proctor Gallagher Institute, 2020

the mission

My personal mission is to equip singers with all the tools they need to express themselves confidently and authentically. 

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