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How to Have the Best Online Lesson

Having online lessons and meetings has become part of our normal lives, and when it comes to singing lessons, it has opened up the world! Now, even if you're in a rural area, or if there's a major blizzard, you can log in and have a top-notch voice lesson from the comfort of your home. Online lessons are both effective and convenient, and while sometimes you may not have the choice but to meet me from your car on the side of the road (Yup. Been there, done that!), there are a few ways that you as the student can help prepare for an online lesson to elevate the experience.

Step 1: Get your Muzie account set up!

I am a huge believer that having the right tools makes a huge difference, so here at Music Mindfully, I choose to meet my students on Muzie for our online lessons. Muzie is a video lesson platform designed specifically for music, so the sound quality is top-notch! It is available as an app on mobile, and is accessible via the internet on tablets and computers. I personally always recommend using a computer if you have access to one, but any device will do the trick just fine.

If you're brand new, you'll be getting an email from me via Muzie to set up your account. It takes just a minute to do so, but you'll want to have this done ahead of time so you're ready for your first lesson. Keep your username and password handy for each lesson when you log in. Feel free to poke around the platform a bit, too - there are a TON of amazing features to help support your learning on Muzie. I'll dive into those a bit more in another blog post.

Step 2: check your internet

Having a strong, reliable internet connection is crucial for any kind of video chatting. I think we've all had one of those conversations where mostly what gets exchanged is "Huh? You're cutting out." "Can you hear me?" and "Hellooo???"

Yeah. That's not fun.

Set up for your lesson somewhere near your internet router, or get a wifi booster in your lesson space to ensure good connection. Doing a speed test is a great way to check your internet connection. Asking your internet provider for a new router if you've been a customer with the same router for 5+ years can also make a world of a difference!

Step 3: Setting the Stage

Your lesson space doesn't need to be fancy, okay? You don't *need* extra microphones and cameras. If you have them, then absolutely feel free to use them, but it is not something you need to invest in for your lessons.

There are just a few things consider when you're getting your space set up. You need somewhere that is

  • Distraction-Free: This one is HUGE! Your lesson time is a special time dedicated to your learning. While I totally understand that sometimes distractions are inevitable, choose a place in your home that you can be in without others walking by constantly.

  • Good Visibility: I need to be able to see you and the subtle movements of your jaw/tongue/ribs, etc.! If possible, try to have your face lit up from the front, not the back to avoid weird shadows. Please also set up your device to that the camera is at shoulder height or higher (this one makes a *huge* difference!).

  • Personal DJ: If you have access to a second device, please bring it to play your tracks on. This is the best way for me to be able to hear the whole picture. Note: if I have provided tracks, you will have to download them from Muzie onto your secondary device, as you cannot be logged in on more than one device at a time.

  • Prepared: Have all your materials with you and ready to go, just the same as you would if you were coming to an in person lesson. Put your music in a binder so you can hold it easily, and have a water bottle close by.

Nothing shocking, right? All of these steps may seem insignificant, but having the proper set up does wonders for your lesson, and I want what's best for you. You deserve it!

Go get that space set up, and I cannot wait to meet you on Muzie soon!

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